Here’s a peek into Josh Duggar’s old employer, Family Research Council:

indexThis is their website (and here is the resignation letter of the child molester who used to work for them, which decries that media reports of his past behavior might besmirch the FRC — not his behavior but media reports, the insufferable little tool).

In between trying to gin up terror over pretend persecution of Christians, the FRC stays very busy as a full-on fear machine.

Here’s FRC’s latest nonsense about homosexuality.

Here’s some bullshit they’ve spouted about the threat of home-schooled children being snatched from their parents.

And here’s some crap they put out about abortion. Thanks for all these links to Right Wing Watch, a wonderful website that reads the swill so you don’t have to.

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  1. I missed the very beginning: how did this story become public knowledge?

    1. From a USA Today timeline: May 19, 2015: InTouch publishes an article detailing claims that Josh Duggar sexually abused minors when he was a teenager.

      1. I suppose I could look it up but you may have done so: how did InTouch (is that a weird title, considering, or what?) get the info?

        1. The online version of In Touch doesn’t get into much detail, but apparently they had sources within law enforcement, and obtained the 2006 investigation report in an FOI request.

          From what I remember of what I’ve read: Someone wrote down in a letter the accusations and how the family handled the situation. The letter was placed in a book. The book was given to someone else…who found the letter. Anonymous accusations began to circulate on some message boards, but it wasn’t until Harpo Productions made inquiries to Arkansas DHS that an official investigation was begun.

          From what I gather, the Duggars are a favorite topic of
          In Touch Weekly…which is available at most supermarket checkout lines.

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