In which I disagree with The Hill website:

BlackJesusThe headline is “Mixing Christianity and Politics Is Killing the Church,” and I get the point the author is making. I do. The piece is exploring Texas’ so-called Pastor Protection bill, which would “protect” clergy in that state from performing rites and rituals for people they don’t want to, but mostly the gays.

Mixing Christianity as it’s explained at the original source wouldn’t kill the church.It would revive it. It would awaken people to the egalitarian message of Jesus, and give all a radical welcome.  It would move people to stop wading into other people’s lives, and seek to live the life of Jesus — welcoming, as I said, and anxious to serve.

I know that’s just my take on it, but it’s what keeps me swinging the bat.



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  1. Did you see the Religion & Politics article by Sam Speers and Kristopher Norris?
    No Politics in Church? Not So Fast

    That? Kind of scares me.

    I’m much more comfortable with Nippert’s, and Jimmy Carter’s, perspective. In that, at least, one can see remnants of some hope for that ol’ timey vision of secular law written into our Constitution by…you know…real religious progressives.

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