To people who want to slap Caitlyn Jenner with the Bible…

150601180629-vanity-fair-caitlyn-jenner-medium-plus-169As a review: What did Jesus say about homosexuality?


So let’s review what Jesus said about transgendered folk:





See what I did there? He. Said. Nothing. So we don’t need to judge and our comments aren’t that interesting, are they? Those predictable wing-nuts who cherry-pick Bible verses for a living could do us a solid and just shut their pie holes.

So, to steal a headline from “What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner?

As Bruce Jenner is gone, the church should rightfully say, “We love you, Caitlyn.”

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  1. Really!!!

    That’s a 65 year-old White Christian Republican Grandparent and bona fide American Hero straight off the goddam Wheaties Box who leeaaannnns conservative.
    So mind your manners.
    Eat your cereal.
    And no slapping with the Bible…
    Doesn’t seem to be working anyway…
    …yeah…try reading it.
    Then? Let’s talk.

    1. If any one actually tried to read their Bible, they’d have a whole lotta changing to do. She sniffed.

      1. I think more need to graduate to The New Testament. God Part Deaux. (Angry Vengeful Dude gets a Life, flips on the whole tolerance thing, drops a dime on some serious drama just to make a point, shouts “You can do this!” And then splits.)

        I think there’s greater hope for tolerance in that kind of perspective (WWJD) than obsessing over Leviticus and Deuteronomy and such.

        1. I’ve had this talk with a rabbi friend of mine, and my view of Angry Vengeful Dude has changed dramatically. He maintains (my rabbi friend, not God) that God was working with people far more than my tribe wants to admit, that God was not precisely learning as She goes, but giving far more power to Her creation than we fundamentalists want to acknowledge. And those people who like to use the Hebrew Scripture clobber verses are cherry-picking. And those Hebrew Scriptures are dealing with rape, not consensual love. I could go on.

            1. Yes, if we’re reading the Bible literally. But the rabbi made it sound much richer and deeper, those moments. But it’s really really hard to get the whole binding of Isaac thing.

    1. “After her vaginoplasty, Jorgensen planned to marry John Traub, a labor union statistician, but the engagement was called off. In 1959 she announced her engagement to Howard J. Knox, a typist, in Massapequa, New York, where her father had built her a house after her reassignment surgery. However, the couple was unable to obtain a marriage license because Jorgensen’s birth certificate listed her as male. In a report about the broken engagement, The New York Times noted that Knox had lost his job in Washington, D.C., when his engagement to Jorgensen became known.[8][9]”

      I hope we’re better than this now?

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