McKinney, Texas = Progress?

Is this progress? A white cop pulls a gun on some black youth, and nobody gets killed and the cop is placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. And then he resigns.

McKinney, y’all.

“Sir, we just came for a birthday party. Please.” Listen to the kid who shot the video.

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

You can read more here.

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  1. I see this morning that the officer in the video has resigned.
    He was one of eleven officers responding to the pool party complaint.

  2. One of the reports says that some (white) people came to the pool, said some pretty terrible stuff to the kids, slapped one of the kids, and then they (the come-latelys) called the cops.

    1. There was a fascinating attempt on Twitter to out the woman, who — according to the Twitter account — is an employee of a bank. People were tweeting the bank a few nights ago asking if they were proud of their employee.

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