The future of renewable energy and CT

imagesCheck out this study, where researchers have worked out what all 50 states must do to get to renewable energy by 2050.

The potential for Connecticut is huge. As this says:

It sounds too good to be true. The plan does require major infrastructure overhaul and drastically changing the way we use energy, but it can be accomplished using existing technology.

(Emphasis mine.) This illustrates even more how a big, honking fracked gas pipeline through Connecticut is a really bad idea. There are smarter, cleaner alternatives. And thanks, Jac, for the link.
(And if you hadn’t heard, Spectra Energy, which had planned that big, honking fracked gas pipeline through Connecticut, has scaled back the project considerably. From a company announcement (and thanks, Jen):

Spectra’s Monthly Progress Report, filed 6/10Pipeline Facilities
The total length of pipeline for the Project has been reduced from 18.4 miles to 6.3 miles, a reduction of approximately 12.1 miles from the previous Project scope. This reduction has been achieved through the removal of the Upstream Ramapo Take-up and Relay, Cromwell Discharge Loop, and Q-1 System Loop from the Project scope. The remaining proposed Project pipeline segments are all take-up and relay construction.

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  1. Imagine what the world may be like when all the energy we all need comes from wind and sun and hydropower…and is cheap and plentiful. That day will come. No more fighting over oil and gas supplies….no more a lot of things.

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