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  1. So…what would Democrat Jesus do?
    Let’s make a list.
    I’ll start.

    1. Bomb the shit out of people.

    1. I went looking but you just don’t find a lot of memes that mock Democratic Jesus.

      1. That’s why need to make a list.
        Here’s another…

        2. Lie (especially about affordable healthcare)

        It’s funnt…the more I look at Democrat Jesus, the more He looks like Republican Jesus. Capitalist Jesus. (Got that image from you.)

        1. It’s the whole sucking at the corporate tit, isn’t it? I guess I’d have to agree that both parties do that, to their peril.

          3. Be the occasional hypocrite.

              1. Like I said…it can be hard to tell…but I think you have to give that one to Democrat (Frack Baby, Frack! ) Jesus.

                5. Cut food stamp benefits. (Another bipartisan effort, but it was Democrat Jesus who signed $8.7 billion in cuts into law.)

                1. This is more fun than I expected. I knew when I posted such a partisan bit of nastiness, I’d hear about it.

                  1. Hold on there you two! What about the Republican vs Democrat People – you, me, and the rest of us average Josephines and Joes? We are not alike. I am a registered Democrat and I am not in agreement with any of the above. I say, partisan nastiness is far more common coming from the other side. This little bit about the Republicans is just fine. Says me.
                    Also, remember when Cuomo did this?

                    They don’t always align with Republicans.

                    Anyone up for more Republican bashing? I’ll start:

                    Republican Jesus would keep let the guys make the decisions about women’s bodies.

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