This is the last week of the 100-day challenge

Since March, actSalPinnaHuggingSaraCapenSalomonsivists, advocates, policy makers, legislators, and folks who want to do something awesome have devoted the last 100 days to open 100 homes for people who desperately need them. People have put in insane hours and moved insurmountable mountains to make sure people like Sal, Jack, and Shannon now have a place to call their own.

The numbers look good — incredible, in fact.

We’ll catch you up on how things turned out on WNPR’s “Where We Live” at 9 a.m. next Tuesday, June 23. You can listen here.

Guests will include Lisa Tepper Bates, executive director of Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness; Matt Morgan, executive director of Journey Home (the 100-day lead agency) and none other than Sal Pinna, a man who was recently housed after 20 years on the streets. (That’s him hugging Sara Capen Salomons, of Journey Home, the day he found out he got an apartment.)

Understand that the 100-day challenge may end, but the work goes on. During this time, a new emergency response system has been formed. Barriers have been torn down. It is a brand new day and a brand new system.

Call in! Listen! Heckle!

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