A woman on a $10. Yay?

01302012_harriet-tubman2-library-of-congress-600The New York Times reports that the Department of Treasury will soon put a woman on a $10. This means that former Sec. of Treasury Alexander Hamilton will be replaced.

Earlier, some of you may have voted in the Women on 20s campaign. Harriet Tubman [pictured], who overcame incredible odds to become a leader in the abolition movement, was the top choice of that straw poll.

I voted. Sure, I did.

This is, on the one hand, exciting news. This is, on the other, kind of pathetic that this is exciting news, that after so much history, it is 2015 and we are just now considering the other half of our population to adorn our currency. Jaysus.

Now can we talk about the gender pay gap? Just wondering…

(And thanks, Susannah and Sam, for the nudge.)

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  1. I would much rather see Andrew Jackson replaced than Hamilton…a Founding Father whose contributions to America far outweigh those of Jackson.

    One solution to the issues of placement on currency might be to put a man on one side and a woman on the other. That way the old guard can remain and all that gets replaced are words and pictures of buildings and such.

      1. That would be ok only if there is no front side and back side. The only thing worse than no women on bills would be women on the back of bills with men on front.

        I voted and think Harriet Tubman is an excellent choice! We could put women on 10s and 20s. One bill is just a start.

        1. If there is a human face on both sides, wouldn’t both sides by the front? I’m just guessing, but I get your point.

          1. I would hope. I’m thinking more likely than not, some will refer to it as adding a woman to the back of the bill since the men were there first and are currently on the front.

  2. Somebody on a talk show (I listen to the radio a lot) pointed out that we don’t use tens NEARLY as much as we use twenties (ATMs, etc.) and that we should be talking about putting a woman on a twenty, therefore. And Leftover, Diane Rehm’s guest Major Garrett :(CBS) strongly agreed with you about Jackson and Hamilton.

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