Here’s the drama behind the Pope’s environmental encylical

francis_wide-e35a99be71b507003b902c3bc695b3e9a06f4d7e-s700-c85Charles Redfern (Hey! I know that guy!) has written a piece for Huffington Post that examines what went on behind the scenes of Pope Francis’ (leaked already) encyclical letter on the environment. For all we may want to applaud the Pope as setting new standards for forward-thinking, Chuck writes:

Our craving for dramatic arcs clouds the real, more complex, and more fascinating story leading up to this encyclical. The Catholic Church, which has been friendly to science since at least the 19th century, has developed a set of social teachings more aligned with social democracy than anything else. Several of its orders have launched climate change initiatives — including the Franciscan Action Network and EcoJesuit — and The Catholic Coalition on Climate Change has been in operation since 2006. Pope Francis now stands at the center of that larger drama and is an excellent actor. I say that as a full complement: Good leaders — such as Saint Francis, Gandhi, King, Mandela, Lincoln, and Churchill — grasp that they’re involved in real-life theater, where gestures participate in the substance.

Here‘s the encyclical letter, itself.

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  1. It’s strange to see the validity of science judged by how popular it is. Science is not a democratic institution. Neither is the RCC. Which is something to keep in mind when encountering feeble attempts to link Catholicism to Marx and social democracy.

    If Bergoglio’s latest PR campaign, (the timing of which, I think, is more significant than the message), is just a reiteration of RCC environmental policy, why should anyone expect this latest pronouncement to have a greater influence than Wojtyla’s twenty-five years ago?

    Well…that’s no stranger, I suppose, than the whole planet looking to a Catholic pope to validate science.

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