The Hartford 17 lives

11232231_10154008942483957_3977955226874000634_nYesterday, the community court saw the so-called Hartford 17, people who were arrested last Monday for disorderly conduct while protesting in downtown Hartford that Black Lives Matter.

The 17 were given three days’ community service, as if what they were doing by protesting was not community service, itself.

Prior to their time in court, the protesters appeared on the green across from the courthouse. This quote, from a Bridgeport minister, struck me:

“I’m inconvenienced by the countless men and women that have to have conversations with their children about stuff that white persons will never have to have conversations about,” said Rev. Anthony Bennett of the Mount Aery Baptist Church. “That’s an inconvenience.”

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  1. Love it that Robin McHalen has to do 3 days of community service when all of her adult life has been devoted to it. Maybe she can serve her time at True Colors, sponsor of the largest GLBT youth conference in the U.S., which she founded. Or educate on diversity, intersectionality, GLB and transgender youth, or find mentors for marginalized kids, or run programs for youth, or … and this is not all she does anyway. I’m sure the other 16 are dedicated as well, but I only know Robin.

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