Open Carry guy kills woman who filed sexual harassment complaints against him

8079777_GWhat war on women, you ask?

In Iowa, a mall cop who is a big fan of open carry, shot (three times, in the back, with a Glock) and killed a young woman who’d earlier filed sexual harassment complaints against him.

These stories have a sad sameness to them. I mean no disrespect. Every death is important to stop and acknowledge, and any death that comes from an idiot with a gun should give us pause.

Here are the neighbors saying he was also so polite and respectful.

Aaand here are the usual suspects coming to his defense. In fact? This is indefensible.

Andrea Farrington, who worked in a children’s museum within the mall, was just days away from turning 21. Ms. Farrington sounds like a wonderful young woman, and now we’ve lost her. To a mall cop with a Glock. Jaysus.

So what do the Blood-Garglers at the NRA have to say? One would hope nothing.

And thank you, Cynical, for the link.

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  1. Right. So … according to his defenders, a married guy who is sexually frustrated and who harasses a woman who reports him is justified in (or at least has a good reason for) his murdering of that woman. Just as Elliott Rodgers in Santa Barbara had a good reason for murdering women because he couldn’t get laid. Gentlemen, how about 1. accepting women as your equals who have a right NOT to be harassed or murdered or raped no matter how horny you are, and 2. behave in a way that might encourage a woman to want to have sex with you? Your anger and your aggression aren’t exactly.aphrodisiacs.

    1. Right…
      Because this batshit crazy killer is representative of all men.


      1. Didn’t say that. My comment was directed at those men who feel the need for a men’s rights movement because, y’know, women are getting everything.

          1. I certainly thought you knew me better than that, than thinking I would characterize all men that way.

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