They. Did it. And more.

IMG_5854The dedicated team that worked on the Greater Hartford 100-day challenge to reduce chronic homelessness moved heaven and earth and did some amazing things — but not just in Greater Hartford.

There were similar efforts in Fairfield County, southeastern Connecticut and northeastern Connecticut. This in addition to the original effort in New Haven last year. Altogether, more than 140 agencies and providers worked with 85 percent of the state’s homeless population and what they did was pretty spectacular.

You can hear more about it on WNPR‘s “Where We Live” at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, where we’ll catch you up on what happened. You can also hear Sal Pinna make his radio debut. If you’ll remember, Sal was recently housed after 20 years on the street. That’s Sal in the picture, performing at the Charter Oak Cultural Center’s Center for Creative Learning graduation in May. And then when the ceremony was finished? Sal went home. Home!

There will also be a noon project wrap-up on Wednesday at Community Renewal Team Inc., 555 Windsor Street, Hartford. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra will be there as well. Advocates will also talk about how to sustain this momentum, so that the spirit of the 100-day challenge continues.

So these numbers may get updated there, but so far, because of the 100-day challenge:

  • More than 180 highly vulnerable and long homeless individuals were housed in New Haven
  • More than 120 individuals and families in Fairfield County were housed and another 80 were matched to housing
  • Nearly 50 chronically homeless individuals in Greater Hartford were housed and another 46 were matched to housing
  • More than 60 individuals in New London County were housed
  • Nearly 50 individuals and families in Windham County were housed

I know. Right? Do listen. And call in. And heckle. But remember that the people who did all the work during this 100-day challenge have worked incredible hours and done the impossible. If you see one of them, buy them a beer. Or a pony.


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