Iowa Rep. Steve King speaks post-Charleston

And the asshat says — predictably — MORE GUNS!

indexI’d say we should pray for him, but honestly, life’s awfully short and he may be past saving.

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  1. He’s an idiot! And talk is cheap, given he did all he could to avoid “protecting freedom” when his life was put on the line!

    Do you think it’s important to have a college education to run our country? He dropped out. I was thinking about this. It’s required for a lot of jobs, and running the country is important work. A college graduate has proven some level of academic commitment and intellectual success, right? No guarantees the person is truly capable, but it seems to be a minimum requirement for a lot of careers. There should be some measure of intelligence and knowledge of the government etc. Just thinking and wondering…

    1. Too elitist.
      I don’t have a college degree. I know a lot of people without college degrees that would do as good a job…or better…than college grads when it comes to representing a constituency in government. College education is no guarantee of integrity.

      And don’t be so quick to underestimate King. He knows exactly what he’s doing…he knows exactly who he’s talking to. You don’t stay on the job for almost 20 years in Iowa…or anywhere else…without knowing when…and how… to butter the toast.

      Criticism from folks like Right Wing Watch and…especially…Wonkette just adds to his credibility within his target audience. Those folks would be more worried if King wasn’t getting the business from Wonkette.

      1. Maybe you’re right. Still, it seems odd that it’s one of the only jobs out there that requires no education or related skills (other than being a blowhard) to obtain, and at the same time can influence more lives than just about any other. Most jobs have educational and/or skill and/or experience requirements.

        You would be great! You have both knowledge and skills. I question that for more than some with the job.

        King? He may know how to talk to a particular far right segment of the population. However, much of what he says is ignorant.

  2. Wanna pray for something? Pray for rain in Western Montana. Buckets. Torrents. Biblical Proportions. We’ll be a lot more grateful than Steve King.

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