Housing rental market is in a crisis

imagesAnd that’s not just me saying it. That’s no less a body than the Urban Institute, which explores the housing affordability gap for extremely low-income renters. Finding housing is a crisis for some families, which means it’s a crisis for the rest of us, too.

Just 28 of every 100 extremely poor families are able to find adequate housing in this country. That’s down from 37 percent in 2000, and that is abysmal. (If you have the time, do read the link above. I did and it raises some interesting points, but I question the role privatization can play in increasing the country’s stock of affordable housing. But that just may be me.

More to the point, check out this cool graphic. You can learn a lot just playing around on that graphic.

And thanks, Leftover — as always, for these links.

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