The tragically short lifespan of outrage

MCALLEN, TX - SEPTEMBER 08:  Women and children sit in a holding cell at a U.S. Border Patrol processing center after being detained by agents near the U.S.-Mexico border on September 8, 2014 near McAllen, Texas. Thousands of immigrants, many of them families and unaccompanied minors, continue to cross illegally into the United States, although the numbers are down from a springtime high. Texas' Rio Grande Valley area is the busiest sector for illegal border crossings into the United States.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

I was thinking about those children from our south, the ones fleeing gangs and drugs and horrible conditions who last year were being held on our borders in holding pens, the ones our state of Connecticut officially refused to make room for.

Where are they, I wonder? I certainly haven’t followed up. Have you?

And then Criselda sent me this: The Tragically Short Lifespan of Outrage, by John Pavlovitz. It includes this:

Maybe we do give a damn about Charleston; about the innocent victims and their families, about divided communities and historic racism, about guns and terrorism and violence and all the nasty stuff something like this slaps us in the face with.

The problem is we aren’t able to give a damn for very long any more.

And thanks, Criselda, for the link.

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  1. Is it because there’s SO MUCH? I look at my inbox, with its long list of emails with headlines designed to stir up more and even more outrage, and sometimes I’m. Just. Too. Overwhelmed. I try to read it all (and I don’t) and I try to stay on top of it all (and I can’t). I want to contribute to all the causes and write all the letters and make all the phone calls and I just can’t. Is it the fault of those who are trying to keep us focused? No, it’s not. Is it because more vile stuff is happening than ever before? Maybe, maybe not. Is it because we are now offered more coverage than we can even begin to absorb? I think maybe so. Am I making excuses? Maybe. I hope not.

  2. Child migrant issue resolved…remember?. Detention. Deportation. (Unless they’re old enough to work. Then they might have a shot. Maybe.) Now it’s Mexico’s problem. Further outrage unnecessary. Unless you’re Latino and not yet satisfied with the tonnage of rhetorical bullshit specifically earmarked for you and the next election cycle. Then the line forms somewhere over There.

    Charleston Massacre? Issue resolved. Perpetrator in custody. Obama says guns are the problem…but can’t do anything about that…obviously. Obama says racism issue can’t be resolved because it’s in our DNA. Flags are coming off Walmart shelves and might make it off a few flagpoles. Victims forgive alleged killer. Further outrage unnecessary. Unless you’re Black and not yet satisfied with the tonnage of rhetorical bullshit specifically earmarked for you and the next election cycle. Then the line forms somewhere over There.

    If Pavlovitz is missing sustained outrage, he needs to watch more FOXNews. Those people got it down pat. Because being outraged about a lack of outrage demands a certain creativity rarely, if ever, found outside their purview.

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