Anonymous announces a million-person march on July 4

indexYou can read about it here. Citing the historic happenings of the recent weeks, the press release says:

Anonymous, in conjunction with the Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements – hereby calls forth a Million Person March for the only day when it could possibly happen, Independence Day. We call on every American of good conscience to make their way to Charleston, South Carolina and march with us to the State Capital. We will sing hymns of praise, we will honor the fallen, we will feed each other, we will love each other. And together with a million voices and fists raised to the heavens we will demand one thing: The Flag Must Come Down!


 That photo is of Bree Newsome pulling down a Confederate flag on the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol.

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      1. Even if I had the money, I’m afraid my marching days are behind me. Legs barely get to to the grocery and back…not to mention lungs. That’s 114 miles.

        Besides…I wouldn’t wear the Guy Fawkes mask.

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