Evangelicals? The gay is not your enemy.

imagesFor years — decades, even — my fellow evangelicals and fundamentalists have thrown their weight against same-sex marriage.

(Well, not all of them did that. But enough of them did that it was kind of embarrassing to the rest of us.)

And now marriage equality is the law of the land, and even though some states (I’m looking at you, Alabama, and you, Texas) have pockets of resistance where wrong-headed clerks and others are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, their resistance — and the continued resistance of certain breeds of Christians — feels like a last-gasp effort to prove a point.

The point here, I believe, is that those Christians are in grievous scriptural error.

Jesus [a rough approximation of whom is pictured, above] said precisely nothing — No. Thing. — about gay marriage. Jesus said precisely nothing about gay anything. He did, however, give us a list of people who need our attention in The Beatitudes. Christians! In order, from Matthew 5, your thoughts and actions should be directed toward:

  • The poor (listed as No. 1, and probably for good reason as Jesus showed a particular interest in the downtrodden)
  • Those who mourn
  • The meek (They are often our best chances for good leaders)
  • The hungry (Feed ’em, fer crissakes)
  • The merciful (We can learn from them)
  • The pure in heart (Ditto)
  • The peacemakers (Ditto again)
  • The persecuted (Jesus would know a few things about this category)

There is no “gay” there, unless you count “persecuted,” which means — conversely — that the persecuted gays persecuted by Christians could use some loving attention from persecuting Christians. Go figure.

Here. This guy says it better.

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  1. How is it that these people see logic in pointing to an Old Testament verse to condemn same sex marriage, while Jesus said ” ” on it, and then claim there is an attack on Christianity? Meanwhile, for the most part, those who are Jewish could care less about same sex marriage – it’s just fine to them. To those who claim there’s a war on Christians: Stop it. Stop it now and read what Susan said above.

    And the idea of using Leviticus to condemn same sex marriage is absolutely ridiculous. Leviticus condemns a lot of things that are ignored by most people. And remember, according to the Old Testament, God commanded some people to commit murder. Then, God said those who commit murder should be put to death – all in the Old Testament. If you follow those things, God has condemned himself to death and that’s obviously wrong. To pick something out that suits your internal view of anti- same sex marriage, is abusive of religion. And in this case, it really is anti-Christian.

      1. :-) No you!

        I’m a little pissed off that couple of guys standing on milk crates were harassing people walking by by yelling out that they had the answer to eternal life through “Jesus Our Savior” and they used the threat of eternal hell fire. Honestly, I do not want eternal life with a judgmental God who has a million rules and insists on everyone serving him. That sounds like a dictatorship if you ask me. How does God answer to killing all people on earth during the great flood? God said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Do they not see something wrong with this story?

        I prefer to follow the path Jesus set – one of love, acceptance, helping our neighbors…..

        1. Forgot to mention, this occurred last night while walking with the family. It did not come across as being friendly.

  2. “Forgot to mention, this occurred last night while walking with the family.”

    In what kind of setting?

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