Want to end homelessness?

IMG_6044Give away homes.

I wrote this for The Guardian.

That’s Shannon, Cookie (the dog) and Boogie, in their new apartment, thanks to the good efforts of some activists, advocates, and others during the 100-day challenge.

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  1. Nicely done indeed.

    A problem with my Guardian account prevents me from responding to a comment that criticized you for not specifically identifying systemic realities associated with extreme poverty and homelessness.

    I won’t embarrass you by including it here because your friends understand your desire not to focus any attention on your personal involvement with the Housing First movement or the personal risks you’ve taken in reaching across barriers and boundaries to extend your compassion to those less fortunate than yourself.

    Commentor shalone just doesn’t get it. It is…indeed…that simple.

    1. Well, I appreciate your attempting to weigh in. And Shalone is welcome to Shalone’s thoughts.

      1. Personally…I thought your economic argument was more than sufficient in pointing out systemic problems associated with homelessness. Especially since the focus of the article was to point out an efficient and universally acceptable solution that must be undertaken in concert with any effort to change a system that breeds immiseration.

        Sure…you could have said, “Capitalism…what a concept.” But I think somebody else has already trademarked that. And it would have just politicalized the whole thing.

        1. Didn’t you already trademark that? Because if you haven’t, I’m a-gonna.

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