Women see substantial decrease in out-of-pocket expenses. Thanks, Obama!

Birth Control Pill Container --- Image by Beathan
Birth Control Pill Container — Image by Beathan

Can’t figure out the paywall, so you’ll have to be happy with this abstract. Here’s part of it:

The average percentages of out-of-pocket spending for oral contraceptive pill prescriptions and intrauterine device insertions by women using those methods both dropped by 20 percentage points after implementation of the ACA mandate. We estimated average out-of-pocket savings per contraceptive user to be $248 for the intrauterine device and $255 annually for the oral contraceptive pill. Our results suggest that the mandate has led to large reductions in total out-of-pocket spending on contraceptives and that these price changes are likely to be salient for women with private health insurance.

And if you’re wondering if your insurance policy is doing what the law says they need to do, go here.

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  1. I’m no fan of ObamacareĀ®. Everybody knows that. But I’ll forgo any criticism involving the economic argument because this is very important news. As we saw in the report on that Colorado pilot project, improving access to contraception prevents unintended pregnancy.

    So…money well spent.

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