All back, all better, thanks for waiting.

So, since last we corresponded in any meaningful way, I:

FullSizeRender* Went to New Hampshire to camp with two of my absolute favorite people

79DBC729-5E0F-488F-87B9-6C94974BA7C6* Moved (not my favorite thing to do, but I seem to do it a lot)

IMG_6340* Went back to New Hampshire to micro-camp (one night) mostly so I could hang out with the grandkids, one of whom is featured in the photo above, new haircut and all.

It’s been a full few weeks, but oddly, even on the hot, humid day when we moved a few things without the professionals (who also were wringing wet when they finished) was kind of fun — or at least, it was funny. After a while, you forget to care what’s in all those boxes (books, mostly) and you just start slinging stuff, which makes unpacking kind of like Christmas. “Oh! I forgot this bowl!”

This week, I’m easing back into the real world. In my absence from blogging, I firmed up a gig to report on housing and homelessness issues for WNPR, thanks to generous funding from Melville Charitable Trust, and got all official and stuff as a distinguished lecturer at University of New Haven, starting next month. (I’ll finish up my two-year assignment at Central Connecticut State University, which ends in December, so these next few months will be pretty busy, but a good busy, so I’m not whining.)

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    1. Thanks! I’m feeling pretty stinkin’ lucky these days. Don’t inform the gods.

    2. Yes, congratulations! And so close to your birthday too! Celebrate it all.

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad you found some fun in there!

    I see you and Melville share an interest in Frog Hollow. And WNPR credentials means you’re now fully embedded in the Liberal Media Plot To Control The World. Nicely done.

    Good busy is always better than not-so-good busy. You sleep better at night.

    Welcome back!

    1. I have long been involved in the Liberal Media Plot Etc., but now, it’s more like official and stuff. Sadly? So far? We’re losing. And thanks. It’s good to be back on what is, at my new home, a rainy Monday.

      1. Losing? Oh…I don’t know.
        Only when you talk about gun control…or Planned Parenthood…or campaign finance reform…transparency and accountability…healthcare…housing…food security…infrastructure…climate change…1st Amendment…racism…religion…
        Forget about that…

        Hey! It’s raining here, too! That’s a very good way to start our week.

        1. Are you in a drought? I know more about California’s water problems than yours.

          1. We’ve been in drought for more than a decade.

            We started off good this year but things deteriorated quickly once the snowpack ran off in June. Fifteen Montana counties…primarily in Western Montana…received federal drought declarations last week. Back in June, two Western Montana counties were designated natural disaster counties by the USDA. Conditions remain severe. Which is not only bad for fish and wildlife generally, but invites wildfire. So far we’ve been fairly lucky where I live. Severe outdoor restrictions…you can’t even smoke outside…have helped, but it’s meant a shot to the roadside tourist season. Not so up north. Glacier Park had to evacuate St. Mary’s and close the Going To The Sun Road, its main attraction. It’s supposed to reopen today…but the fire remains at about 3,200 acres with more than 300 firefighters working the blaze. More rain is needed.

            Considering the conditions all around us…Washington…Idaho…Oregon…Canada…our smoke pollution has been fairly minimal…he said…checking his Ventolin/Advair supply.

            We’re doing better than California, but not by much. Probably because we don’t have the demand on water resources California has.

            Rain is good. More Rain.

                1. We’re supposed to get two days of it, which is going to make transporting the yard stuff I’m giving to my son difficult. I can only carry the mower, trimmer, etc. if I can put the top down on my Bug.

                  1. I used to have the same problem with Squareback. Take off/collapse the handles. And make sure the fuel tanks are empty and tightly sealed if the top is up.

                    1. Thank you. I need all the guidance I can get. I really don’t want to make two trips and though my son has offered to come pick up everything in his truck, I’m heading to his house to play with the babies, anyway, so…

  2. I would rather swallow crushed glass than move., which is why I haven’t in 22 years. This house will fall down around me before I move again.

    1. I believe I would take that vow, too, after this last one. What a supreme pain in the ass, though I did get the giggles over a few stupid things. It beat sitting down in the driveway and crying.

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