If you’re a politician who takes NRA money, I’m not voting for you

NRA-CongressSince Thursday’s theater shooting at Lafayette, Louisiana, which killed two and wounded nine, there’s been a petition started that asks Republican presidential candidates to refuse or return campaign contributions from the blood-gargling National Rife Association. That includes Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a big gun supporter who suspended his campaign for a while and said discussing gun control wasn’t appropriate in the wake of the carnage.

So when is the appropriate time, Gov. Jindal? Because it is really, really challenging to find a time when there hasn’t been a mass shooting.

Though the NRA pours more money into the pockets of Republican candidates than Democrats, I’d broaden that to any one who takes one thin dime from the NRA will not get my vote, ever.

You can learn more here, at Open Secrets, or here, at Follow the Money.

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  1. That might be easier said than done when trying to trace money in politics…especially Presidential campaigns. Fer Instance: where’s the verification Jindal has received direct financial support, this cycle, from the NRA? (Care2 doesn’t make that clear. Surprise!) It’s obvious he’s in on the NRA circle-jerk, but is he getting paid for it? This cycle? Most candidates benefit more from indirect support from the NRA…like Bernie Sanders in 1990…or Montana’s Jon Tester…without ever putting one thin dime in their campaign coffers.

    Too bad Congress is continuing attempts to defund the IRS. Otherwise, there might be more control and oversight, and data, on the NRA’s questionable fundraising and allocation practices.

    1. Not easy, but not impossible, and yes, a few worms may get through the sieve, but as far as I can tell, as far as my own research will take me, if a politician takes so much as a thin dime from these blood garglers, I won’t vote for that politician.

        1. That’s a mighty big net.
          Probably not much to worry about in Connecticut, though.

  2. You might be interested in this from WaPo’s Wonkblog. Although probably not in the same way as myself.

    I find it interesting because, to me, it typifies the way the vast majority of mainstream media resources, and too many public interest groups, approach the issue of gun violence in America: Sensationalize, politicalize, blame. Note that in neither the Care2 blurb or Ingraham’s clickbait does the reader find any reference…not one…to proposals, policies or programs designed to curb/prevent escalation of gun violence in America, (like like this one), thereby limiting the discussion to completely unrealistic and self-defeating parameters, if substantive change actually is, in fact, the goal. In this way, the mainstream media fails to effectively challenge NRA tactics…because…essentially…it has adopted them.

    (Yes…I did just link to a Mother Jones article. Please don’t tell them it was me.)

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