The not-so-hidden costs of reporting rape

imagesSusannah sent this, a stark and eye-opening piece by Julia Sonenshein about what it can cost (financially) to report a rape, from time lost from work to perhaps having to find new housing.

Jaysus. As the article said: It’s a wonder any one reports rape, consider how the system is stacked against the victim.

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  1. The way in which this piece is presented worries me in that it could convince a victim to not pursue legal prosecution. The cost references are deceiving, although I think I understand the underlying point. The cost of reporting should be zero. There is no cost to a victim for many things. Let me put some information together when I can with resources available in CT to share. IMO, a victim should always obtain SANE nurse evidence collection and hospital care as soon as possible after a sexual assault, and no later than 120 hours following an assault. The sooner the better. A victim can choose to not prosecute after evidence collection. Healthcare provided in that visit is important. Criminal prosecution itself is free. As was stated, some work/vacation/sick time may be lost. However, there are victim assistance programs to help with lost wages as long as guidelines are followed.

    Having said that, regardless of whether or not an assault is reported, there is a cost to victims. However, prosecution can also help a victim heal and feel more safe if the rapist is behind bars. So, there is that.

    Hesitation in reporting due to concern about the expense involved may be based on a lack of information on resources available rather than actual cost. I will get back to you with more on those resources.

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