Why some feminists hang onto their religious faith

b0668e429e81e8b7ca7427e6b1ba6cb2It’s not the traditions that get in the way of equality. It’s the interpretation of those traditions, says this article. I agree.

And then there are women who seek change in their own faith groups, through organizations such as Catholics for Choice.

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  1. Why any woman…in these times…would willingly convert to a religion that openly sanctions domestic violence by men is completely beyond my understanding.

    Of course…why anyone would stay in a religion that aids and abets sexual predators and persecutes their victims is beyond me as well.

    I must have some kind of problem.

          1. My problem is…I am informed…I just cannot understand faith. I’ve never had any, so I have no frame of reference to refer to.

            Maybe it is genetic. Or a growth in my brain or something.

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