So at the Republican presidential debate tonight…

indexWhat do you think they will talk about?

What do you think they should talk about?

And will you be watching to see just how much The Donald steps in it?

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  1. I couldn’t watch even if I wanted to, and I don’t. I do hope that Trump doesn’t get all the focus. Scott Walker and the other governors and former governors should be asked to explain how trickle-down supply-side tax-breaks-to-the-rich economics worked in their states. But that won’t be asked. And even if it is, one minute is not long enough for a meaningful response, but it’s about 45-50 seconds longer than any answer the typical FoxNews viewer wants to hear.

    1. I think most of us who will watch are watching to gawk at Donald Trump. And you’re right: That’s not political theater that is worth our attention. I’d like to hear them talk about economics, too.

  2. We? Don’t get FOXNews Channel. It doesn’t look like the local FOX affiliate is going to run it. I might have tuned into the losers’ bracket. I’ll probably get caught up with Last Comic Standing and Mr. Robot.

    What should they talk about? The Donald running as a third party candidate. With Sarah Palin.

    1. Oh, please, Baby Jesus, let Donald Trump get the nomination and let him choose Sarah Palin as his running mate. That will be great fun. Amen.

  3. It’s cruel irony (or a shrewd bit of planning) that this is taking place on Jon Stewart’s last night. It would have kept him busy for days.

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