So. The Republican presidential debates. Did you watch?

gop150418102020-gop-field-2016-candidates-exlarge-169I did not watch. I listened, on Fox News Radio, and was pretty much lost interest immediately when The Donald announced he wouldn’t back any Republican candidate for president other than himself.

Then Rand Paul accused him of buying politicians, to which Trump said he’d certainly given Paul money. There was much, much, much talk about uteruses, which leads me to want to institute a new rule: If you don’t possess a uterus, then you may not discuss uteruses.

Maybe if you missed it, you are walking around happier today than those of us who did listen to/watch it. For that? I salute you.

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  1. I didn’t listen. We were more concerned here with trying to get info on the Oath Keepers and III%s (remember Cloven Bundy?) setting up a “security area” near Lincoln…just down the road apiece…to protect miners on public land from the lawful jurisdiction of The Forest Service. Apparently they’re cheaper than lawyers…….

    I have read some reports this morning, though. So…I sent The Donald a copy of HR676 and Gerald Friedman’s funding proposals to update him on where the Single Payer movement stands currently…just in case he decides to go completely rogue. He hasn’t said much on Single Payer for about 15 years. He used to speak kindly of it. (I sent one to Bernie, too. Subject line: WTF! Bernie)

    From what I’m reading, most observers seem to think The Donald was a loser. And Rand Paul. (Votes for Best Hair, though.) Kasich scored well. So did Walker. And…Huckabee. The Jebster didn’t appear to make any real mistakes. Or any real gains. But it sounds like the real winner of the evening was Megyn Kelly: “You’ve [Trump] called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.’” Go Megyn!

    1. It was a really weird, surreal bit of political theater. Occasionally, I could watch (on Sky TV, for a while) but mostly just listened, which made it even more surreal, I think. I want to go back sometime today and watch the kiddie’s table, the earlier debate.

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