Check out this Indian rapper doing something worthwhile with “Anaconda:”

You can read more here. Shame on you, Unilever.

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    1. BIG ol’ spill, right? And where did I see on a news website yesterday that the spill is bigger than originally thought and will take far longer to clean up.

      1. Three times larger than what was initially reported. Currently, estimates are 3 million gallons initially released, (not 1 million), with another 548 gallons >per minute still being discharged.

        Cleanup? You don’t clean this up. Not like an oil spill, anyway. You wait a few years…possibly decades…for the contaminants to settle and then…maybe…some of them might be recoverable. At this point, damage to drinking water and irrigation resources cannot even be estimated. That whole drainage…and possibly beyond…will probably become a dead zone.

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