Start from behind, stay behind

oldwomenworkingI stole that headline from Sharon, but the column, on CT Health Investigative Team’s website, is all mine:

The gender pay gap affects women all the way to the grave.

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  1. Nice column. The gap and it’s are not fair. Back in the day of pensions (that were based on the last couple of years of salary), when the salaries were lower for women, the pensions were also lower. If a person (woman) at a lower salary is contributing a percentage to a 401K, the overall contribution is lower than the higher salaried employees. And, if the employer matches employee contributions, they contribute less for the lower salaried employees because there contribution is also based on a percentage of salary. It all adds up to lower retirement savings.

    For me, I left my corporate job after my maternity leave following my second child. My retirement was then based on a MUCH lower income because I had been on an unpaid leave of absence. The unpaid time was factored in and so my annual salary appeared much lower than it had been prior to my maternity leave. I worked at the company for more than 10 years and yet my retirement was based on a year I had a leave of absence. I tried to go back a few times on that and then I gave up. It wasn’t fair.

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