Rape jokes are only funny if they’re punching up at rape culture

Read this Guardian essay by Rebecca Solnit.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

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  1. And bless Hannibal Buress for sticking his neck out like that, but notice that the news had to come from a man before the accusations finally got public attention.

    I used to like Louis C.K. He made me uncomfortable at times, but in a good way, highlighting some aspect of my own self that needs work. But I haven’t been able to really enjoy him since he defended the indefensible.

  2. Sarah Silverman. Comic Genius…right?
    “Needless to say, rape, the most heinous crime imaginable. Seems it’s a comic’s dream, though. Because it seems that when you do rape jokes that like the material is so dangerous and edgy. But the truth is it’s like the safest area to talk about in comedy. Who’s going to complain about a rape joke? Rape victims? They don’t even report rape. I mean, they’re traditionally not complainers.”

    If this funny?

      1. Or mine. But I’ve seen her do some very funny stuff. I’ve seen Schumer do some very funny stuff. Not that video. Maybe if I watched more of their stuff ….
        I’m just too old and unsophisticated…

      1. Really? Then why are people laughing? Silverman starts out by saying what we really need is more rape jokes, and carries on with the bit. People laugh. She carries on. More people laugh. Doesn’t sound like a lecture to me.

        1. People laugh for many reasons, not just because something is funny. Discomfort can also generate laughter. Self-deprecation. Self-recognition. “Yes. Now that you put it that way, I might not report a rape, either.”

        1. She’s not a favorite of mine, but in this, it looks like she is trying to raise serious issues about rape in her comedy routine. It seems like she wants to say more, but must stay in character. It points out some obvious issues, but I don’t think it comes off as particularly helpful.

  3. Maybe the above skit reaches a particular audience in a way that might be helpful. Rape is not funny so I have a hard time seeing it that context. Even in this funny skit below with Amy on Ellen, I was uncomfortable with her part on sexual harassment. The rest cracked me up. I really do prefer clean comedy (Brain Regan for example).

    1. Sometimes I think Schumer wants to be Relevant more than she wants to be Funny. I don’t see her as a satirist…like Silverman. Schumer has a keen sense of the absurd and a quick wit. I think her ambition is her worst enemy right now. I understand it. But…she shouldn’t take herself so seriously. Or…at least…let her audience see that. There’s ways to be irreverent, and relevant, without being vulgar. But I’ve never found Adam Sandler funny. So what do I know?

      She should take a lesson or two from Degeneres…and Tina Fey…and Amy Poehler. Once you can command an audience with humor, relevance follows naturally. (See Fey’s and Poehler’s routine about Cosby when they hosted the Golden Globes. No rape jokes, but relevant, on the mark…and funny. Also…Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.)

    2. I love Jim Gaffigan. And Lewis Black. America needs more Lewis Black. I was hoping he would succeed Jon Stewart.

      1. I never cared for Adam Sandler either, and I know very little about Schumer, beyond this and DJ’s posted video. So, what do I know?

        I love Jim Gaffigan, too (not very familiar with Lewis Black). I also enjoy Brian Regan, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, other SNL cast members, and of course, Ellen. I have both Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan Pandora channels, and they always get me giggling.

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