And then there was no more capital punishment in CT

indexThe state Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that Connecticut’s ban-lite on capital punishment is unconstitutional. From America’s Oldest Continuously Published Newspaper:

The 4-3 decision effectively removes 11 convicts from Connecticut’s death row and overturns the latest iteration of the state’s death penalty, a political compromise effective April 2012 that barred death sentences going forward but allowed the execution of inmates already sentenced.

Here’s a map, from Death Penalty Information Center, which shows states with and without capital punishment.

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  1. To me, the thing wrong with the death penalty is simply this: There are too many errors. All too often death row inmates are proven innocent by subsequent evidence such as DNA. Also, there is fast-increasing evidence that eye-witness evidence is flat-out wrong.

    It’s bad enough that somebody would be wrongly convicted, but if later proven innocent after executed you can’t even let them out.

    I’m sure Texas is very proud of its executions.

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