Photoshop and the viral woman

78993dc4-6449-41f6-9039-94ccbdc54967.jpg_resized_A woman’s photo was Photoshopped around the world, to reflect local beauty standards. The photo above is the original. What’s done to this photo around the world is both sad and incredible.

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  1. Kansas City artist Esther Honig did something similar last year. But she didn’t limit the responses to just women. And she only worked with a face. (Photos from BuzzFeed.)

    Some of these are positively surreal. It’s obvious some photoshop “experts” just cut and pasted the original face onto another body altogether.

      1. I think the one from the US is very amateurish. Admin here is a graphic designer and Photoshop expert. She works in digital as well as print publishing. I showed her the article. She said, “This is a joke.” And moved toward the coffeemaker. She mumbled that her youngest son could do a better job and he can barely get the program to load.

        If you look at samples of commercial art from…say…Columbia and Spain…and compare the images of women there to what is shown in the Superdrug feature? It just doesn’t add up.

        1. I wonder how often I’ve seen Photoshopped stuff and didn’t recognize it as such, though. I mean, I glance at these photos and move on, but they carve out a place in my brain.

          1. I don’t think anyone exposed to commercial art…in any form…escapes some sort of manipulation. In the old days, they called it “airbrushing.” Even Fine Art photographers…like Ansel Adams…employed manipulation techniques. These days, rendering features are built right into camera to enhance photographs. (Think “red-eye” reduction.)

            I think graphic realism…like that employed by the late great Mary Ellen Mark…is actually easier to spot. (Samples of Mark’s famous Ward 81project here.)

        2. Update: Admin says the best Photoshop skills in the entire set are clearly most evident in the original.

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