So I have a new job

OrientationAnd I took this photo at the first of my two orientations for it, yesterday.

I am the a new Distinguished [stop giggling, dammit] Lecturer at the University of New Haven‘s Department of Communication, Film and Media Studies. I’ll be teaching writing and communication, in addition to a writing for the electronic media course at Central Connecticut State University, where my two-year appointment ends in December. Things are going to get a little busy for a few months, I think.

Honestly, I don’t know how I got here. I only know that I think I will like it. I’ll keep freelancing as much as I can, teach a whole lot, get to know some incredible students (if past semesters are any indication), and occasionally sit down to take a deep breath. I am only lucky, lucky hillbilly.


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  1. Well congratulations!
    And you still have the NPR gig, too? And the Guardian?
    It’s amazing you find the time to blog.

    1. I am still freelancing for everybody but you, yes, though I may have to offload one or two of the assignments — but not WNPR. I am really enjoying that work. The Guardian writing is really random and not on a regular schedule. I think I blog because that way, I get to talk to you guys.

    1. Ha. I am frantically working on my syllabi (see how smart I sound already?) so I don’t know if they’re lucky right yet.

  2. I taught a semester of “Copy Desk” there in between day jobs about six years ago in the impressive Vlock Center. It was my first (and only) academic teaching gig. I definitely flew by the seat of my pants, but I had a decent textbook and the kids (juniors and seniors) were quite responsive. I took a perverse delight over making them squirm about grammar. (“This will be your last chance!) Since my current day job is winding down (the couple I work for are retiring), I may be into self-punishment enough to see if I can pull it off again – inspired by your efforts…

    1. Ha. I take inspiration from this. The Vlock Center is incredible. If I can learn even some of the technology, I shall consider myself really really awesome.

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