As of today, it’s been 95 years and a day…

HookerIsabellaBeecher_132…since women got the right to vote.

Ad though this may seem strictly a shameless plug, I’d like to say thank you to the women (and men) who worked hard in the suffrage movement but didn’t become marquee names for all kinds of reasons, none of them very good. That includes, of course, my own shero, Isabella Beecher Hooker, who at times nearly single-handedly carried the Connecticut effort to get the vote. (For a few years there, her and her husband John’s money was pretty much only financial support the effort enjoyed.)  She wrote speeches. She wrote articles. She testified in Hartford, and in D.C., and she suffered all kinds of gossip (including rumors started by members of her own family that she was insane), but she never wavered.

So thank you to the Isabellas out there who pushed through despite public censure — some of it quite hurtful — who persevered because they believed, in a time when such a belief was radical and frightening to some, that women were people, too.

We owe them and we owe them big time.

And thanks, Lois, for the reminder.

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  1. My grandmas were born during the time when women could not vote and that makes 95 years not seem long ago. Thank you, Isabella, on behalf of all of the grandmas, Mom’s, and daughters!

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