Read about the ugly plight of an immigrant couple and their CT bakery

MassoudKalkhoranAndMercedehPourmoghadamI wrote this for Mother Courant.

I’ve been eating at this bakery for a year or so now, and one day, when I wasn’t there, the couple told just part of this story to my husband who, of course, came home to tell it to me.

And here is where I reveal my utter whiteness: You read about this kind of harassment all the time, but to see it up close is just stunning. I could not get a comment from any one in Stonington, Connecticut, officialdom, save for an email from a police officer who said this matter had been turned over to the town attorney. This is right out in the daylight and I’ve been fielding emails from other immigrants in the Stonington-Groton area who tell similar stories. Fortunately (and sadly), I have all the time in the world to pursue these stories. Is it naive to think sunlight on these issues of racial profiling will be the cure? Probably.

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  1. Are they citizens? Doesn’t really matter…I’m just curious.

    Sounds like time to go over the head of the CHRO and ACLU and petition the DOJ directly. It’s an election year and I’ve read the DOJ has increased throwing its weight around recently. (The ACLU might even recommend that.) Sounds like the evidence of a pattern of discriminatory conduct exists that involves the participation of street level officialdom. Nothing like a couple of well placed phone calls to get somebody’s attention. Or make things worse. I mean…right now…it’s just not a good time to be Iranian in America. I don’t know about where you live, but up here every third commercial on TV and every other pop-up ad from the internet tells about how the evil Iran wants to nuke everybody. On the other hand, it may be a good time to get some help from the Feds.

    They’re brave to stick it out.

    1. They’re very brave, and I will pass your suggestion on to them. A lawyer approached me yesterday after the thing ran and offered his guidance, as well.

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