God watched this video, and boy, was She pissed

That Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk just won’t give in to the law of the land, and by invoking, as she did in this video, “God’s authority,” she has set herself up for a court hearing at 11 a.m. on Thursday. Jaysus.

Here’s a bit more on Kim Davis, the clerk.

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  1. I understand she’s on her fourth marriage, so I’m a bit dubious about her “religious ideals,” and the ideals of the church or churches that would continue to marry her. Even the Orthodox Church, which is more forgiving about divorce and remarriage than the RCC, would call a halt after three. I also wonder who or what is footing the bill for all this drama. At the very least there has been some time lost from work and some attorney time. Is it the state, i.e., the taxpayers? Is there a sugar daddy? Mitch McConnell maybe, or one of his big donors?

    1. Maybe, in anticipation of her fifth marriage, she’s afraid they’ll run out of licenses? I’m only guessing.

      1. Apparently 4 marriages but 3 husbands. Her two most recent marriages have been to the same guy. This sounds like a person who takes marriage VERY seriously.

    2. The Sugar Daddy in Davis’ case is Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit public interest law firm/ministry that provides free legal assistance in defense of “Christian religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family.” It’s loosely tied to Falwell’s Liberty University.

      She also wants Kentucky to compensate her for any damages she may accrue as a result from her refusal to do her job. Like lawyers expenses, of course. Because…you know…Jesus don’t do Sugar.

      1. I’d like to sit down and have a coffee with Kim Davis. I find the workings of her mind fascinating.

        1. I’d like to know more about her “Apostolic Christian” affiliation. Tradition. Branch. Pentecostal? And how her local church feels about her insisting upon remaining employed in a secular, i.e. godless, situation. Marriage equality is not the only divergence from “God’s Authority” found in the machinations of government. Even in Kentucky.

        2. Did you know that Kentucky leads the nation in child homelessness, (>30,000)? And that Rowan County, despite the presence of Morehead State University and a large medical center, has a poverty rate of 28.6% and a student homelessness rate of 24.38%, (3rd highest in the state)?

          Perhaps an “Apostolic Christian” who believes “[s]elf-denial, separation from sin and unfruitful works, and nonconformity to worldliness are integral parts of the Christian walk of life” might find more peace and joy working on that issue rather than consorting with prideful and pompous opportunists…the spiritually dead who know only worldly sorrow…who congregate in government.

          Just sayin’…if you’re going to talk the talk……..

        3. The Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal reports this morning…among other things…Davis’ Apostolic Christianity is Pentecostal in tradition, specifically Oneness or Jesus-Name Pentecostalism that sets “holiness standards” in areas of personal conduct like dress and grooming.

          Although LGBT organizing has been active within that tradition since the 80s, I don’t think it’s reached Rowan county just yet.

  2. I find the idea of “religious exemption” shaky enough in the private sector. This being the public sector, I hope the court sees it as a cut and dried case of discrimnation. Frankly, I’m a little nervous.

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