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  1. So what is he going to say?
    “Hey! You all suck when it comes to gun control! Get help. Call Connecticut.”
    He’s already come up with some pretty harsh words for weapons manufacturers. Without saying too much about the people who create the market for firearms. Or those who lobby Congress for said manufacturers. Or those who promote the unfettered ownership of weapons. (And he speaks of duplicity.)

    I’m no fan of Bergoglio. But if he’s going to make an appeal to Congress, I would prefer he pick issues that Congress hasn’t proven itself utterly incapable and/or unwilling to effectively influence in any positive way.

    Like…Why have the number of homeless children in public schools doubled in the last seven years. “Hey! You call that a recovery?”

    Or like…Why does your healthcare system deny access to hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of eligible immigrants when the DHHS cannot even explain to them exactly what documents they need to submit to gain insurance coverage through ObamaCare┬«? “Hey! What happened to the “presumptive eligibility” rule for the federal marketplace?”

    Or like…Why do polls indicate that a majority of Americans believe you all cannot be trusted? “Hey! You all got a serious public relations problem. You should call my guys.”

    Anything but guns. He’ll look like such a loser.
    Okay. I’ll sign. I just hope it gets more hits than the petition to bless Sam Bradford’s knees.

    1. Even if he DID say that, Connecticut isn’t precisely leading the way. I am wondering how direct he will be to Congress. I hope very.

      1. I’ll admit to a little tongue-in-cheek there. Because of the presumption, mostly in the media, but from some fairly credible researchers as well, that Connecticut’s efforts have resulted in the kind of success Congress doesn’t even dream about.

        As far as being direct? As in all things Bergoglio, that will be a matter of perspective.

  2. Perhaps he should encourage people to deny requests for any and all gun permits. Since guns can be used to kill people, the access to guns is against “Thou shalt not kill”, a sincerely held belief by Christians and Jews (among others).

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