Hunger? Homelessness? Who cares? Let’s talk vaginas!

download (2)Despite a week that would choke a lesser person, I carved out time in my busy life to sit and watch the entire — all of it — varsity GOP debate last night. (I could not bring myself to watch the junior varsity debate held earlier, because I only indulge in so much of such activities a day).

From Dr. Ben Carson’s suggestion that we put undocumented immigrants to work in fields where Americans don’t want to work (I’m not making this up) to Carly Fiorina‘s effective put-down of The Donald (everyone knows what he meant when he spoke about her face), my nose began bleeding and didn’t stop until the wee hours.

Mostly, there was the requisite 45 minute discussion about vaginas, despite the fact that there was only one up on the stage.

There was The Donald reminding us how very important he is, and how very rich.

There was scant little about poverty, or the middle class, or regular folk. Hunger? Homelessness? Poverty in general? No. Let’s talk about building a wall, defunding Planned Parenthood, and generally ignoring those voters you seek to attract, save for a moment when Gov. Chris Christie mentioned (in minute 95) the 50-some-year-old worker who doesn’t care about any one’s stellar business career (this was in reaction to Fiorina and Trump having a field day picking apart each other’s career). And then Sen. Marco Rubio mentioned people — three times! — who are living paycheck-to-paycheck, Sen. Rand Paul suggested we tend to incarcerate black and Hispanic youth for using the same drugs that Caucasian kids get to use, with no ramifications, and boom! That was the extent of the discussion about the real people living real lives — though Trump allowed he’d turn down his Social Security because he doesn’t need it, being rich and all.

So for an unscientific analysis:

Mentions of socialism: 1

Mentions of the middle class: 6.5

Mentions of Pres. Obama: 11

Mentions of Hillary Clinton: 150

Mentions of “liberal” or “left-wing:” 360

Mentions of those Planned Parenthood videos (to unspin those videos, go here): 760

Use of the phrase: “I’m the only one on this stage/dais….”: I lost count. Sorry.

Mentions of vagina: Eleventy billion

Mentions of poverty: Don’t be silly! It was only 3+ hours! And we needed to talk about bogus videos and vaginas!

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  1. Only one mention of Socialism? With eleven mentions of Obama?
    Was it “self-described” socialism? Or Jeremy Corbyn socialism? Or the standard “duck-and-cover” socialism?

    Nevermind. I forgot who the speakers were.

    I spent the time finishing up the Ferguson Commission report, (a little disappointing actually), and perusing new poverty data from the Census.

    I did happen to see one of those animated gif thingies showing The Donald trying to high-five Ben Carson, who, shall we say, was less than enthusiastic.

      1. Lots of recommendations. Valid ones based on accurate data analysis. But no recommendations on implementation…the “how”.

        I wish, when crafting their report for “an audience of average citizens,” there would have been at least some plan of action…some priorities to focus on. The Commission is recommending sweeping change to how an entire State is run. A poor State. A State controlled by Republicans…ultra-conservative Republicans. To the “average citizen,” especially those in the Black community, I fear the lack of any sort of implementation priorities makes the report seem like just a reiteration of what they already know and have known for a very, very long time. It also empowers sectors of resistance to delay any action whatsoever with little, if any, actual accountability.

        Such an impressive piece of work should offer the average citizen in Missouri a better sense of utility. Feasibility.

        1. That’s been discussed in other venues. Maybe the purpose of this document was to highlight the issues for people who still think there isn’t one. I don’t know. I found it to be incredible, but I’m from Missouri and I’m judging based on what I grew up hearing about the world and my place in it. This document paints a very different picture.

          1. I don’t question the integrity of the Commission or its commitment. And I don’t question the value of the document as far as it goes. I just wish there was a little more bang for the buck.

            I hope it can serve to bring average citizens, and the diverse groups of activists that speak for those average citizens, together to set some priorities that they can work together on to begin the structural changes called for in the report. It’s going to take the kind focus and strength that demands a solidarity that the opposition has been highly successful at quelling in the past.

            The feds have already weighed in on the policing aspect. Perhaps Missourians can use the report to elicit even more support from that venue. The federal government has a significant financial investment in many of the troubled institutions cited in the report. That may provide for a compelling interest to assist in implementing structural change. They’re going to need leverage just to get started. Maybe the feds that supply it.

  2. Looking at MSM coverage, it appears Fiorina took this bout with a TKO: “…women are not a special interest group.”
    Something every Republican wants to hear.

  3. Susan, I applaud you for watching the entire thing. I had every intention of doing so, but the minute The Donald opened his mouth I fled to another room. I popped back into the living room from time to time, but every time I did, I was subject to another rant from The Donald. This is too much to ask from a Lady of a Certain Age.

    1. I love that, a “Lady of a Certain Age.” Ladies like that should watch only what they want. We agree.

  4. I tuned into the GOP clown-car assemblage while surfing about interesting things. Could only stand a couple of minutes. Seems you went the distance. Thanks for “taking one for the team.”

    1. I expect you to take one next time. I mean, c’mon. Just kidding. I am paying for it today (bleary-eyed) but it was worth it.

      1. I streamed the Americana Music Awards instead……..

        And “women of a certain age (d’une age certaine)” certainly should watch only what we want.

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