I love teaching, now that the panic dreams are over

professor_booboo_by_lieveheersbeestje-d7mb7ogI am in my fourth week of full-time teaching, and let me tell you the things I’ve learned in the interim:

1. My mad organizational skills aren’t that awesome but fortunately

2. Students stand ready to help guide me when I get confused, and

3. The coffee at the end of my hallway at University of New Haven is awesome.

I no longer wake up in the middle of the night trying to remember what I’ve assigned to whom. I no longer worry that I’m going to irreparably damage some student over my ignorance about some school policy. I walk from class to class thinking, “I’ve actually got this.” That doesn’t mean I’m telling the truth to myself, but it feels better than “Oh, hell. What day is this?”

Thanks for asking.

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    1. I am back down to two large cups a day. Earlier this semester, I was just dragging around an IV drip.

        1. But it tastes bitter to me, and I can’t add enough cream and sugar to make it taste like a Snickers bar, as I can regular old truck stop coffee.

          1. I’ve never tried this so I’m not recommending it…..but…
            Snickers Flavored Coffee

            My favorite barista in town offers a Snickers flavored latte that my housemates love. At home they used caramel, hazelnut and white chocolate flavored syrups for a while, but they decided all that high fructose corn syrup was just too nasty on the pancreas to drink regularly. Back to the French Roast.

            With espresso, roast, grind, and temperature are everything, which can make consistently good espresso on-the-go difficult to find.

              1. Me too…when doctoring is called for. I like the taste of good coffee and only use little sugar. I never use flavored coffees and prefer my own recipes for flavoring lattes and cappuccinos and the like.

                1. I get by with a little help from my friends…or students. (Could be a new song!) Hang in there! Good coffee in the morning and sleep at night can carry you, too!

                2. P.S. Love me a cappuccino in the morning! No sugar, just good espresso and foamed skim milk! I make my own and have gotten pretty good at it. If only I lived closer, I’d deliver.

                  1. I make my own, too. Well…mostly I make my three. Unless there’s a good chai in the house. Then it stops at two.

  1. So funny… my lady loves being a student… now that the panic weeks before her first tests are over (she aced all three) and knows what to expect.

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