If a feminist lives to be 103…

download…then we should probably listen to her.

Jac sent this, a Newsweek story about Ruth Littman, of Southbury, Connecticut, who critiques the 2016 presidential candidates.

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  1. What a sweetheart..but…the only reason to vote for Clinton is she’s a Democrat…with lots of money? Well…Clinton’s supposed to detail her plans for ObamaCare® today. Maybe Ms. Littman will be able to flesh out her support a little.

    That “Yes…but…” argument concerning Sanders is beginning to dissolve, I think. If The Ben continues to grow, the DNC will have to find a way to deal with it, or lose significant numbers of potential voters. (Where are the Democratic candidates’ debates?)

    I see Scott Walker backed out a few hours after his primary support in New Hampshire decided to back Rubio. And about a month after Rushbo dumped him for Trump. I wonder who the Koch Brothers will anoint next.

    Somebody should remind The Donald he signed a pledge to support the GOP should he lose the nomination. It won’t make any difference. But someone should remind him.

        1. This is really stupid that I’m even trying this workload. The only way I’ve made it this far is that I’m surrounded by really understanding people — including the students — who seem to know that if I am looking at them funny, it’s not because I can’t remember their name. It’s because I can’t remember my own. I keep telling myself I’m in a marathon. It’s my own doing. And I may have to off-load some things. But I like everything I’m doing, so…to December, when the wheels fall off the cart and I regain my ability to sleep in until 6.

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