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pope-francis-bobblehead_500I mean, Pope Francis seems like a pretty cool guy, but the merch that’s available prior to his U.S. visit — which starts with his arrival at 4 p.m. today –seems…well…unpopelike? But then, I’m a Protestant. What do I know?

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    1. If we can have plastic Jesus and bathtub Mary’s what’s wrong with a bobble head pontiff?

      Speaking of bobble heads, I’m looking forward to Joe Wilson shouting “You lie” when the Pope brings up global warming during his address to the joint session of congress.

      I can’t get too excited over a pope but it’s hard not to like Francis a little. I get a kick out of watching right-wingers and cardinals that live like millionaires squirm a little.

      1. Same here. Not Catholic. Don’t subscribe to that brand of theology, but any one who makes people I don’t-love squirm is a friend of mine!

      1. Saw that at WaPo. I don’t think it’s in the actual market.
        I did see people were scalping tickets to Bergoglio’s mass for $150 to $300 dollars a pop. So much for “the dung of the devil” message.

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