Liberals want him! Conservatives want him! But the Pope bows to no human

shutterstock_171443828-630x420This is a pretty good explanation of our latest visitor, Pope Francis’ ideology, and why it doesn’t fit neatly into “liberal” or “conservative.” So there’s something to attract everyone, and something to make them angry, as well.

But check with whom the Pope is dining today, for lunch.

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  1. Deneen’s obvious, and well known, political and religious predilections notwithstanding, I do agree with his notion that Bergoglio is not marketing any particular ideology. (A notion reinforced by Bergoglio’s “I am not a leftist” remarks in a recent interview.) He’s marketing a theology, in particular, a Catholic Social Doctrine which is always exploited to put a Happy Face on Catholicism’s more egregious departures from scriptural mandates and interference in sociopolitical affairs.

    Or, as March, (who casts a new light on the term “fawning), puts it: It’s badassery!… dude!

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