Cut that shit out

A Wednesday night fire at a Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles has been ruled arson. This after Planned Parenthood’s executive director testified in Washington earlier this week.

Here are four things Cecile Richards admitted under oath, according to The Hill. But arson? C’mon…The damage was minimal, but c’mon.

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  1. Arson, vandalism, and threats are business as usual for antiabortion activists. It isn’t going to go away when PP gets defunded or when taxpayer dollars are “shifted” to community health centers. Any provider offering comprehensive reproductive healthcare to women is going to be targeted.

    No comment on Richards’ performance before the House committee…..
    Does it make any sense, when your credibility is attacked by people who want to put you out of business, to continue to lie to people?….especially the people who support your business with their tax dollars?

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