More shootings yesterday, so it’s time for a reminder:

APTOPIX_Oregon_School_Shooting-0d131-2387Ten people died at the hand of a  shooter at an Oregon community college, and three more people were dead in Florida after a mass shooting there. That was just yesterday.

White Americans are the biggest terrorist threat in this country, according to the New America Foundation. And that has chart has not been updated.

But lest you think I hate white men (when some of my favorite people etc.), read this, from the Daily Beast. It’s from Mike the Heathen, and it encourages us when talking about specifics, to honor the heroes like Chris Mintz, who charged straight at the Oregon shooter after being shot multiple times.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago a letter about gun-use that was printed in the Hartford Courant asked “what are we teaching our young men?” Clearly the lessons are not good ones.
    Tangentially, October is “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” Same question: “What are we teaching our young men?”
    (And no this is not to say that women don’t do stupid shit too — it tends to be turned inward for the most part, harming themselves and their children — what are we teaching ALL our young people?)

  2. I must say. I do think the Police Chief in Oregon had the right idea by not calling the shooter by name. By not doing this it keeps them faceless and does not glorify their mission. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to this. The media makes these shooters Hollywood stars giving them power they certainly don’t deserve. They are nothing but cowards with a misguided purpose.

    1. I count d five features that accompanied the main news story in my paper the day after this happened. Glorification, indeed. The hard part is deciding what to say that will add to the conversation.

      1. What bothers me is with what happened in Oregon, we agree we all need to identify these outsiders with violent tendencies so we can ensure they receive help before something bad happens. However, with this kid at UCONN, who had troubles at UMASS and now at UCONN, many commenters out there want to, understandibly, punish him, but then just ship him off to work at a McDonald’s for the rest of his life. They don’t see what’s so blatantly in front of them: a troubled kid with anger issues who needs psychiatric counseling, and to be prohibited from owning a gun. He’s a ticking time bomb.

        1. What people see is the asshole behavior, and they write him off. The kid needs help, even while most of us just want to give him a smacking.

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