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12106716_10153752443791015_2698427847158493170_nSal Pina (remember him?) was homeless for 20-some years, and then he got an apartment back in May. And yesterday, a nice guy named Ken made good on a promise he made when Sal’s story ran in the Courant, and he took his fellow Mets fan to a game.

So this is what my friend Sara Capen Salomons posted on Facebook, when I shared the picture of Sal at the game:

Some days are just indescribable. Like the days when I get to witness real life miracles. Sal was sleeping outside when the Mets opened their season. Today? He’s watching them play. And after the game? He’ll sleep in his own bed in his own apartment.

To which I’ll add “Amen,” and “Hell, yeah.”

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  1. FANtastic! Look at that face!

    Compassion. Common sense. Works for everybody.

  2. So great to see this! We miss seeing Sal in the park, but are so happy for him!

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