Guns + domestic violence = death. We need to change our laws.

Domestic_violence_gunsConnecticut has a dangerous loophole in its gun laws that allows people operating under a temporary restraining order to possess a firearm. When a gun is involved in a domestic violence incident, women are five times more likely to die.

We need to close that loophole.

I wrote this for CT Health Investigative Team.

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    1. We sat and watched the carnage at Sandy Hook and we STILL can’t close this loophole. Shame on us.

      1. When it comes to Guns in America, common sense is a rarity in either State or federal regulation.
        Still…Connecticut does a better job than most.

  1. Not exactly relevant to this topic, but last week in Tennessee an 11-year-old got mad at his 8-year-old neighbor, grabbed his father’s loaded shotgun that was in an unlocked closet, and killed her. Because she wouldn’t show him her puppy. Again, what are we teaching our children? (and of COURSE why was that gun a. not locked away and b. loaded?)

    1. Indeed.
      And law enforcement wants to charge the child as an adult? The parents should the ones facing charges.

  2. Also, here’s The Week’s synopsis of a story: American gun makers nearly doubled their annual production of guns between 2009 and 2013, from 5.6 million firearms manufactured to 10.9 million. Although Congress has passed no new gun laws since 2008, the surge in sales was fueled by the belief that President Obama was going to ban all or most guns.

  3. Annnnd a murder-suicide reported in today’s paper. Let me guess…… Yep (at least the evidence suggests), he killed her and then himself.

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