So it’s the Democrats’ turn tonight…

635726486970463178-GettyImages-137240763…and I’m all a-tingle.

Not really, but the Democratic presidential candidates will debate tonight on CNN, and here’s the line-upThe New York Times says there aren’t wide gaps between the candidates, just subtle divides.

So. Any hope for the entertainment we gleaned from the Republicans? Any name-calling, d’ya think? Any one suggesting indentured servitude or commenting on Carly Fiorina’s looks? Any chance we’ll hear policy discussions? Maybe a mention of poverty or homelessness? I’ve offered my CCSU students extra credit if they watch and count the number of times a candidate says “poor,” “poverty,” or even “homelessness.” I’ll give you extra credit, too.

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  1. I might watch…but…you know…it is playoff season and this is an especially exciting year, even if the Yankees are out of the competition. And my bullshit quotient is nearing its peak already this week…<……….

    I’m not so sure about the “subtle divides” thing. Even though he described himself as a “progressive” to Stephen Colbert recently, last weekend on Meet The Press, Sanders was not at all subtle when he announced he is a democratic socialist, “not a capitalist”…which…if true…would be a significant divide…given the field of capitalist contenders. Just claiming to be a Marxist while campaigning for a 21st century Democratic Party is, indeed, significant. Just in the oddity of it.

    1. Oh, Lord. Me, too. More than discussions of poverty and policy, I’m hoping for bad lip reading.

  2. To quote Stephen Colbert, I have this to say to any and all candidates and their campaigns. “Bite Me, It’s Still 2015”

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