So. The Democratic debate last night…


From the twitterati, Sen. Bernie Sanders won, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton got far too much air time, former Sen. Jim Webb whined a lot, and the other two — Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee — were basically OK, but…

This is not a scientific analysis. I’m interested in yours. What did you think? Did you hear enough about poverty to make you think there might be some attention paid to that in the next four years? Chafee was the first to mention income inequality. Sanders wasted no time digging into that, as well. (It’s his issue.)

Was there enough discussion of substantive issues for you? Missed part of it? Here’s a transcript, from CNN.

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  1. Cubs beat the Cards at home to clinch a shot at the pennant. That’s like a hundred year watermark for them or something.
    Dodgers stalled the Mets to take it back home for a showdown there.

    Oh wait….the Debate®….

    WaPo’s calling it for HRC.
    Vann Jones: “Hillary was Beyonce.” Proving, yet again, Clinton can do serious Song and Dance in a pantsuit.
    Paraprofessional weasel and FOXNews darling Charles Krauthammer called it for HRC: “She was competent. She wasn’t afraid. She was aggressive.” Which, in GOPSpeak, translates as “She’s not really a woman.”
    According to Chuck “What Me Worry?” Todd, “Sanders isn’t going anywhere.”
    Charles “Her Husband Messed Around” Matthews told Bernie after the show debate. “I thought you won.” Post-debate focus groups at FOX, Fusion and CNN reportedly agreed, but not at MSNBC.

    I have looked at a couple a Bernie’s clips this morning…and I must say…that man can not answer a question as good as any of them. But who the hell is he yelling at?

    I’ll wait for the Bad Lip Reading coverage before I make any serious decision. A little song and a little dance is just not complete without a little seltzer down your pants.

    1. I was checking the scores on my phone during class. Shame on me.

      The early polls (last night) said Sanders, but you’re right. Today? The People Who Know Stuff say Clinton.

      1. I am concerned that Hillary would end up delivering more of the same moderate and ineffective domestic policy. I do wonder how much of a choice we have, too, as Democrats. It seems Hillary has been positioned as the favored candidate for some time and clearly has been favored in much of the media coverage. She was placed in the center and was given time preference in the debate. I don’t react well to being told who to support and that’s what this has felt like to me as a democrat thus far. She may still get my vote, but I hope she earns it. I liked Bernie’s passion and agree with a lot of his positions. I knew nothing about the other guys. Of the 3, O’Malley did best, I thought.

        However, as always with these debates, the issues were raised (that’s easy), but little was discussed in depth on how to address them. I would prefer several more focused debates so that the topics could be covered in more depth. It’s easy to be a complainer and say what’s wrong with the country. It’s tougher to come up with reasonable and potentially successful solutions that will gain support and be implemented. They need enough time allotted to discuss issues more fully, too. They constantly go over the allotted time. We don’t need 2 hours of fluff answers. We need substantive, thoughtful panel discussions. The current debate (let’s be honest – this is not a debate) format sucks if you ask me.

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