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child-poverty1-300x150Right here. The class, COMM 345, Writing for Electronic Media, is studying wealth and income inequality through the prism of race. We’re capping the semester with a Bridging the Gap event on campus,  and you’re invited:

5 p.m., a buffet dinner

5:30, live judging of students’ work (writing, photography, videography)

7, keynote speaker Tim Wise, educator, and a take-no-prisoners writer

So come for the food, and stay for the conversation. Mark your calendars. Details to come.

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  1. Not bad.
    I do think that it might be of some value, when writing for electronic media, to use a hyperlink with a label…like this…instead of just inserting a URL into the body of the post.

    All kinds of fun things can be done with hyperlinks and anchors and such. Like verifications.

      1. A style thing to be sure, but looking at trends in electronic media, the visual experience seems to be an important element of structure.

        No comments either. On a student blog? That’s an invitation to old trolls.

        1. We don’t have the proper filters set up, so mostly we get spam. It’s an oversight and I am trying to correct that, but I’m relying on someone else’s expertise.

            1. It can. And as I’m the administrator best equipped for approving/jettisoning comments, well…we opted to go this route.

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