Upon your election today, good luck, Canada

And thanks, Glenda, for letting me steal this from you on Facebook. And here’s more on Canada’s election.

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  1. I think that’s a rather narrow view of the Harper/Conservative message and the Canadian election in general. (Not to mention Americans.)
    AntiMuslim sentiment has infected the political campaigns in Canada the same way it infects political campaigns here. But from what I’ve seen, the primary message Harper’s Conservatives are driving home is that neoliberal austerity is the answer to the country’s economic woes, not the higher taxes and deficits Harper claims the Trudeau/Liberal campaign represents.
    Then there’s the NDP. More Leftist than Trudeau’s Liberals, the NDP has gained significant support in traditionally conservative areas of the country‚ĶLike Alberta.

    All this makes for a more complicated dynamic than what is portrayed in the video.

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