In Canada? The Liberals won.

The party of Justin Trudeau won the majority of seats in Canada’s federal election on Monday. What does this mean? Well, bye-bye, Steven Harper, for one. And Trudeau needs to choose a cabinet. And this, from The Guardian:

During the campaign Trudeau promised that his first legislation as prime minister will be to raise taxes for the rich and lower them for the middle classes.

Onward, Canada!

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        1. It’s about a five (give or take) hour drive to Montreal from here. I keep meaning to go back. Love that place. I’ve never been to Toronto and I’ve been nowhere out in western Canada, though I hear it’s beautiful.

          1. I used to go fairly regularly back in the day. Calgary…Cranbrook/Fort Steele…Banff. And Waterton Park.
            Went to Vancouver a couple of times. Took the train from Calgary. Best way to see the country.

            Back in 2003 I had a chance to move to White Horse in the Yukon when my bosses abandoned Montana for cheaper labor elsewhere. I turned it down. Chilliwack I would have taken, I think. But the Yukon?

            Not a regret… but something I always wonder about.

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