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  1. Rant time:

    What about keeping Christ in Christianity generally, not just at Christmas?

    Personally, I’m agnostic, although I do have a great fondness for the Golden Rule, which, by the way, is the one and only important rule that Jesus supposedly said is all that matters regarding how people should treat each other when he was pressed to say what the important rules are (he said there are two, and only two). If you ask for a cite to back that up, then you should avoid calling yourself a “Christian” and you should keep your damn mouth shut.

    There is a severe shortage of actual Christians these days. There are the pro-birth folks, who claim to be “pro-life” but simply aren’t as they support the death penalty, guns everywhere for everybody, let the poor starve, rig the economy to screw the poor and give it all the the rich and then claim that taxing the rich to support others or to rebuild infrastructure is confiscation and “income redistribution” and the like, and in effect they say screw you and your parents once you are born.

    I believe that Pope Francis is an actual Christian, or sure tries to be. Notice how many on the right vilify him? Yeah, because they don’t like their faces being rubbed in their ignorance and hypocrisy.

    I’m sure Fox will go off on a tear about their annual “War On Christmas” and the persecution of “Christians.” Again. Fake Christians. Read the Four Gospels and then compare and evaluate what the “Family Values” people say, what the “Conservatives” say, what the “Christians” say.

    Thus endeth the rant.

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